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Kako da tražite odobrenje za odmor na engleskom

Da krenemo od početka ,kako biste rekli da želite da iskoristite 10 dana od predviđenog godišnjeg odmora?

I would like to use/utilize 10 days of my annual vacation plan.


I would like to ask for approval to use 10 days for my summer holiday, which is therefore defined by the company's annual vacation plan.

Kako biste rekli da ćete za sva hitna pitanja biti dostupni putem mejla?

During my vacation time from [start date] to [end date], I want to assure you that I will be accessible through email for any urgent matters that require immediate attention.


I will remain connected and available via email to handle any urgent issues that may arise during my absence.

Kako biste rekli da ćete sve tekuće projekte završiti do vašeg odmora?

I have been proactive in managing my time and resources effectively, and I am closely monitoring each project's milestones and deadlines to ensure their timely completion. Rest assured, I will wrap up all pending tasks and provide necessary handovers before I go on vacation.


I have diligently planned and managed my workload to ensure that there will be no unfinished tasks or pending deliverables upon my departure. I will devote extra effort and work closely with the team to meet all deadlines and tie up any loose ends.

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