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Kako da tražite više informacija?

Prvo šta bismo logično rekli je Can you tell me more?


Can you give me more information?

Sistematski ovde sa vama delima još par rešenja koji vam mogu biti korisni:

Open-Ended Questions:

  • "Could you provide more details about ....?"

  • "What can you tell me more about ?"

  • "Would you mind elaborating on/speaking more on ....?"

Clarification Questions:

  • "I didn't quite catch that. Could you please repeat or clarify?"

  • "Could you explain what you mean by ?"

  • "Can you give me an example to help me understand better?"

Probing Questions:

  • "Could you expand on that?"

  • "Can you provide further insights into...?"

  • "What other information should I be aware of regarding ...?"

Requesting Specific Details:

  • "Can you provide more information about ....?"

  • "I'd like to know [specific detail]. Could you please share that with me?"

  • "Is there any additional data or statistics available?"

Seeking Recommendations or Suggestions:

  • "What resources or references would you recommend for further information?"

  • "Do you have any suggestions on where I can find more information about ...?"

  • "Are there any experts or sources you would suggest I reach out to?"

Kako vi najčešće pitate za još informacija?

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