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Kako pitati klijenta da se angažuje treće lice?

  • Kako naglasiti da je ovakva vrsta saradnja neophodna?

  • Kako naglisiti da će potpisati Ugovor o poverljivosti?

  • Kako naglasiti da će projekat ispuniti očekivane kriterijume i standarde?

  • Kako naglasiti da ćete vi biti posrednik u komuniakciji sa trećim licem?

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)-Ugovor o poverljivosti

Security and Confidentiality: We will ensure that the third-party provider signs a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and adheres to our established security protocols. This will protect our sensitive information and maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Quality Control: We will establish a robust quality control process, closely collaborating with the third party to establish clear standards and expectations. Regular progress updates, performance evaluations, and feedback mechanisms will be put in place to ensure the highest quality deliverables.

Communication: We will designate a dedicated point of contact who will serve as the liaison between our team and the third party. This individual will facilitate seamless communication, coordinate project details, and promptly address any issues or concerns that may arise.

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