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Kako tražiti da se smanji cena?

Kompanija sa kojom sarađujete vam je poslala ponudu za uslugu, izvođenje projekta. Smatrate da je cena previsoka.

Kako da na profesionalan i pristojan način da tražite da kompanija razmotri cenu i potencijalno je smanji?

U koliko je u pitanju dugoročna saradnja mogli biste da napišete:

"As a long-standing partner of your renowned company, our company has consistently appreciated the quality of your services and the positive impact they have had on my business. Considering our enduring partnership, I wanted to discuss the possibility of a price adjustment that reflects our collaboration."

U koliko ste na osnovu istraživanja tržišta zaključiili da druge firme u tom rangu daju značajno povoljnije ponude , možete napisati:

"Recently, our research team have been evaluating market options and noticed that some of your competitors are offering similar services at a convenient price point. I highly value our partnership and would prefer to continue working with your company. However, I wanted to inquire if it would be possible to align the pricing more competitively."

Ukoliko planirate sa tom kompanijom dugoročnu saradnju i veće projekte možete reći na primer:

"Based on our business forecasts, we expect a significant increase in our volume of work with your company in the upcoming period. Considering this long-term commitment, I was wondering if we could explore the possibility of adjusting the pricing structure to reflect the expected growth and ensure our continued partnership."

Ukoliko vidite na osnovu poslate ponude da određeni deo usluga vam neće biti potreban možete napisati:

"After assessing our specific requirements, I have identified areas within the service package that may not be essential to us. I believe that by customizing the service to better suit our needs, we can achieve a more cost-effective arrangement. I kindly request your consideration in exploring this possibility."

Kako vi tražite da se cena prilagodi očekivanjima vaše kompanije?

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