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Kako tražiti od klijenta da pošalje dokumentaciju koju nije poslao?

Da biste uspešno nastavili da radite na projektu ili ga završili neophodno je da imate sva potrebna dokumenta. Kako ovo reći klijentu?

Expressing Dependence

I need to emphasize the significance of the documents you have agreed to provide. Our team is dependent on these documents to carry out essential tasks and ensure the project's accomplishment.

We kindly request that you prioritize sending the documents to us. If there are any difficulties or obstacles you are facing, please let us know, and we will work together to find a solution.

Deadline Reminder

As we approach the deadline for receiving the documents you promised, I wanted to kindly remind you of their importance. In order to meet our project target , it is crucial that we have the necessary information in hand.

If there are any challenges or concerns in sending the documents by the agreed-upon deadline, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can address any potential delays or adjust our plans accordingly.

Polite Reminder

I just wanted to touch base regarding the documents you mentioned you would send us. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in providing these documents, as they are essential for us to move forward with the project. If you could kindly send them at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated.

Acknowledge Importance

I wanted to follow up on the documents you committed to providing for the project. These documents play a vital role in our ability to meet the project's objectives effectively. We kindly request that you send them as soon as possible to ensure a smooth workflow and timely completion.

Kako vi podsećate klijenta da vam pošalje dokumenta?

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