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🔷Prestani da govoriš BECAUSE (OF)!🔷

Because je jedan od veznika koji može ,,neprimetno" pokvariti vaš engleski, nije toliko iritatan kao but(ovde možete videti kako but možete da izbacite iz vašeg govora)

Umesto because možete da koristite i :


As odlično menja because kad hoćemo da objasnimo razlog

He decided to go to the conference in Paris ,as he was in France anyway.

She did not show up at the meeting as she had a very important ZOOM call.

I hope they’ve decided to comeas[reason]I wanted to hear about their India trip.


Prevodimo kao ,,pošto".

Since I finished everything before the deadline, I got a day off.

I invited her to do party,since she has recently become a part of our team, I thought it would be nice for her to come.

They’re rather expensive, since they’re quite hard to find.

🔷As the result of🔷

Prevodimo ka rezultat, stoga....

As the result of our cost-cutting measures, we were able to achieve a 15% reduction in operating expenses.

As the result of the market downturn, our company had to reassess its expansion plans for the next fiscal year.

As the result of diligent project management, we completed the client's website redesign on schedule and within budget.

🔷Due to🔷

Prevodimo kao usled ili zbog

Due to increased customer demand, we are expanding our production capacity to meet the growing orders for our popular products.

Due to a sudden change in market conditions, we had to adjust our pricing strategy to remain competitive.

Our project launch has been delayed due to unforeseen technical issues with the software, but we are working diligently to resolve them.

🔷Owning to🔷

Prevodimokao zahvaljujući,usled...

Owing to our efficient supply chain management, we were able to reduce lead times and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our company's success is owing to the dedication and hard work of our employees who consistently go above and beyond to meet customer needs.

Owing to the unexpected increase in demand, we had to expedite our production schedule to keep up with orders.

🔷Seeing that🔷

Prevodimo kao ,,budući da..." , ,,stoga"

Seeing that we have more than two hours before our flight let's go and grab something to eat.

Seeing that we have not still prepared everything I suggest that we move the deadline.

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