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🔷Can I jump in?🔷

Kako da politely nekog prekinemo na engleskom?

🔷If I may jump in...🔷

Use this phrase when you want to join the conversation politely.

  • "If I may jump in, I'd like to ask a question about the budget report."

🔷Can I just add/ask something?🔷

This is a simple and polite way to gain permission to speak.

  • "Can I just add something to the discussion?"

🔷I would like to add/turn your attention to...🔷

When you want to contribute or redirect the discussion, say something like

  • , "I would like to add that our sales figures have been increasing steadily"

  • "I'd like to turn your attention to the customer feedback we received last week."

🔷Just a moment, I would like to...🔷

This phrase is helpful when you need to briefly interrupt the conversation.

  • "Just a moment, I would like to clarify something regarding the project timeline."

🔷Briefly, if I understood that...🔷

Use this to summarize a point before asking a follow-up question.

  • "Briefly, if I understood that correctly, you're suggesting we explore alternative marketing strategies?"

🔷Just to follow-up, my opinion is that...🔷

This phrase can be used when you want to provide additional input after a discussion point.

  • "Just to follow-up, my opinion is that we should consider a more sustainable approach."

🔷May I just share with you...🔷

Use this phrase to introduce your point respectfully.

  • "May I just share with you my perspective on this issue?"

U nastavku delim sa vama par primera realne upotrebe

Example 1: During a Team Meeting

John: "We're currently facing some challenges with our project timeline."

Sarah: "If I may jump in, I think one solution could be reallocating some resources."

Example 2: In a Client Presentation

Client: "I have some concerns about the proposed marketing strategy."

You: "May I just share with you some successful case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach?"

Example 3: A Follow-up in a Brainstorming Session

Team Lead: "Let's discuss potential locations for our new office."

You: "Just to follow-up, my opinion is that we should prioritize a central location for easier accessibility."

Nadam se da vam je ovaj tekst bio koristan pišite mi za sva pitanja.

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