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Kako pohvaliti kolegu za dobro obavljen posao?

Be specific:

Clearly identify the task or project that your colleague did extraordinary good.

Example: "John, I wanted to commend you on the excellent presentation you delivered during yesterday's meeting. Your thorough research, clear explanations, and engaging delivery truly impressed everyone."

Example: "Helen, your exceptional communicative skills were instrumental in resolving the complex issues we faced with the client.

Express appreciation:

Example: "Mark, I wanted to thank you for the countless hours you put into the project. Your commitment and attention to detail have significantly elevated the quality of our deliverables. Thank you for going above and beyond."

Encourage future success:

Example: "Emily, your exceptional organizational skills and ability to multitask efficiently have been crucial in keeping our team on track. I have no doubt that you'll continue to excel in future projects. Keep up the fantastic work!"

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