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🔷Recite I find/believe , ne samo I think🔷

"I think" je jako koristna fraza koju jako često izgovaramo ali previše "I think" može da iznerivara naše sagovornike i mi sami sebi možemo zvučati kao roboti.

🔷I find🔷

Osnovno značenje I find sigurno svi znamo.

Preneseno I find ➡️ znači uviđati

  • I find using the new program version confusing(I tried and then I formed my opinion).

  • She found our marks quite useful. She implemented what we suggested and she accomplished great results on her presentation.

  • I find his opinions quite convincing.

  • I find this painting so moving.

🔷I believe🔷

"I beleive" često prevodimo kos "I think "➡️ Ja mislim/smatram

  • I believe that my valuable 10 year experience in accounting will be a good match to your job vacancy.

  • She believes that Jim will finish everything required on time.

  • Recently, I have done a review of our portfolio and I believe our accounting loss exposure for 2021 is limited.

  • Her employment with the company is to be terminated, the reason given by HR, for not meeting performance standards. However, I firmly believe that this is not the real reason.

Nadam se da vam je ovaj tekst bio koristan pišite mi za sva pitanja.

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